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NLC- We continue to collaborate with other partner agencies in Rutland County to promote our Nature Leadership Program. The main focus of the program is to take advantage of the many outdoor recources Rutland County has to offer. It is our philosophy that combining nature with positive thinking can be a path to feeling good. By empowering our clients to get involved with things they like to do they tend to make better decisions.

We have developed programs with Pine Hill Park, The Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center, The Rutland Boys and Girls Club, The Hooked on Nature Network, as well as The Children and Nature Network.

Community Benefits:

In the fiscal year of 2010, RCCD&RJC continued to offer restitution to victims of crime and donations to non-profit agencies.

The non-profit agencies that benefitted from these donations are as follows:

Pittsford Humane Society, Epilepsy Association of Vermont, Boys and Girls Club of Rutland County, Local High School Project Graduations, Rutland County Women's Network, Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Girl Scouts of America, and we also send local kids to camp in order to encourage positive activities.

Referral Numbers:

RCCD & RJC had 651 new referrals to our agency while also providing supervision to the existing caseload.

Also Sponsored by The Foundation For Global Community